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Day 7612, Another Slack Day

Okay, today I thought that this day coming as another different day. But unfortunately I think today had been ended up by me doing nothing.. =..=
Not really nothing, but I think there are no benefit I get today, except for reading taisir karimir rahman this morning, some pages of quran, and preparing for congress..
Yes, 2 days from now my Medical Student Senate must face a congress to present what had we done for last 300 days. So, I thought we must prepared it well..

But, unfortunately some of my staffs has sent me a message for dispensation because the had another agendas more important than this. As a leader, I wanted to didn’t allow them, but I think that would be do no good to me since their attendance not really matter for me (x_X).
At least today, I had do something nice (read: for me). Since today the sun shine brightly, I choosed to wash my clothes and dry it outdoor..

Okay, I think I’ve done today.. :p

ps: since yesterday I slept at 01.35 am so today I’ll try to sleep at 09.00 pm.