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Day 7614, A Demisioner

Today I am, as a Chairman of SMFK UGM (Medical Student Senate of Gadjah Mada University) delivered my end-time presentation. This session becoming the latest session of Medical Student Congress 2013. I was really excited since today is my last day as a chairman. I thought this was good because I’ve finished mine, so I’ll just let the other new bud to grow. I thought that these freshman would be brought a new air in SMFK UGM and improved it into a better shape.

As a chairman, I felt that my programs had been finished. But my role as an activist not end just yet. I’ll improve my role to improve health student into better people. As a head of IT Department in FULDFK and as a member of Gadjah Mada University Senate (SMKM UG). I would try to do my new job in a better way. And I hoped this “social-work” will became a reward in my afterlife.

All Hail Our One LORD !! – Allah the Merciful and Grateful –


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