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Day 7615, My Mentor Marriage

Today, I’ve attended my mentor in Sapuran, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah. This marriage was not glamor, just simple but elegant one. The two happy couples are both great with their purple colored wedding dress. I met them when I joined KaLAM (our faculty moslem student’s association). At that time (2010), I don’t really understand about their relationship neither their closeness. Actually, I didn’t understood what happened from 2010 till their marriage today, but I thought their close relationship in KaLAM became their trigger to getting close to each other.

But, the road to their wedding rather hard though. A lot of broken roads, stones, pebbles, corners, junctions, up, down, I thought almost all kind of road made our road to there rather hard. The one that make my pains of going there become clear was their happiness. I really loved, to saw them happy in their biggest event, and that all I need to recover my hard times. I hope their family will be great, good, and loving each other. And at last, I hope their relationship will be forever, and continued into HIS heaven.


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