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Day 7616, End Presentation, New SMFK, Cinta Brontosaurus?

This morning I was really shocked when my Community Nutrition Services group made our presentation. It was because of my reviewer reaction that made me shocked. I didn’t realize that our presentation focused on money rather than the result of our program. Those things made me sad, since it made our group look like the materialized one. I thought a lot of “things” that happened there made us ripe, but the result was far from my thought. I didn’t realize that our mind shifted, since it happened slowly. Then, when our group made our last presentation we failed to emphasize our work and our result.. We just made a lot of presentation in terms of money.. I really hate this feelings, but I really fucked up. (=_____=)

And on the noon I waited for our faculty treasurer assistant coming from their meeting on a Hotel in Yogyakarta. What made me angry, was about how they broke their promise. They told us that on the 1 pm she would be on the office so we will be able to start the meeting. But, in realization, they came at 3 pm and didn’t start the meeting immediately. #WTF. But, actually I was happy with the result of our meeting, because we had a clear information about when and how our money will be disbursed. At least we knew, that our money could be disbursed as soon as we reach 6 January 2014. I hope that their promise this time is true so we could have our organization back on track.

On the afternoon, I made an arrangement to met with my successor in Medical Student Senate of Gadjah Mada University. I was late, because my meeting before was late. At that point, I still feel not good because of something that happened on the campus. May be I didn’t realize it, but they told me that I looked angry (Of course I’m not angry because I was fasting that time). Time goes, and all praise due Allah since most of my point were clearly delivered and I was happy with that.

Evening, the time that I waited for. This was mainly because of Cinta Brontosaurus will be played on SCTV, I hated them (of course not because I’m so long waiting for this). I thought that this film would be good because of Raditya Dika, but I was wrong. I felt that I was wrong watching this film, because these only made me laughed a little bit. Mainly, I felt “garing” or non sense since the jokes are dry. But, I really loved some point on that film that said, “Cinta itu bukan berarti mencari kesempurnaan, tetapi untuk menerima ketidaksempurnaan dari orang yang kau cintai.” I think I would not translate it into English, since you can use Google translate :p.


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