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Day 7628, Looking Back

Today I felt confused.. really.. some confusion about my future..

I don’t know, but I think future will be harsh..

Harsh feeling, that really confused me..

I didn’t understand..

I didn’t felt it was love..

or passion..

or money…

or what it was really is?




Today was opened by a sad news.

About my lecturer..

She’s dead..

in age of mid fifty’s..

then followed by mindful restoration..

met my friend..

understood and thinking about future..

on the afternoon..

I met fellows, who had plans to follows..

at night..

a failed video call..


so strange.

So I need to looking back..

to all of my memories..

about she, he, it, or anything..

I know I had a feeling about her..


I didn’t want it..

I tried to reject it..

cause I’ve felt it again-again..

but still it persist..

I hate it..

But love it..

Looking Back.


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