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Day 7631, A Reflection

I knew this disaster would came to me soon or later. But I failed to counter-react, I was not prepared to fought back and won. This is fault, really… I remember 3 or 4 years ago, I made promise to my self to stand on a straight path to heaven. I promised to grip this with my teeth, I promised to not letting my heart failed me, and I promised to stay away from ‘those’ people. But.. I don’t know what happened to me today.. I thought I lost my past, I lost my way..

I still remember all of my choices in my past that I took to stay away from this disaster. I still had confusion why I end up like this.. But, you know what.. I believe this would be good but…

I will hold my way, the way of the right scholar.., the way that my predecessor chooses,  the way of Abu Qosim.


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