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Day 7674, Ustadz Guntur Bumi is..

When I watch TV this evening, I suddenly shocked. Not about political shows or something like that, but merely because someone named Guntur Bumi just being accused as a liar. Some peoples told to the media that the alternative medicine he offered just a hoax and could not be proofed,

After googling, he was being accused by liar because his own patient didn’t healed after doing all of things that told to her. But I tried to be wise, and waiting for Indonesian Moslem Scholars Association (MUI) to investigate this case first before talking any longer. I hope MUI could find the best way for all of these people.


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  2. http://life.viva.co.id/news/read/484763-dituduh-menipu–ini-jawaban-ustadz-guntur-bumi
  3. http://www.sayangi.com/gayahidup1/komunitas/read/18175/mui-kaji-peraktik-pengobatan-guntur-bumi-yang-diduga-penipuan

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