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Thin and Hard Pancakes? This is The Common Mistakes

093617_pancakekesalahan5Detik Food – It is uneasy to make a perfect pancake. Somehow the texture become hard, too thin, and burnt. It was happened because of small mistakes from making dough to baking pancake.

Even it is easy, failure of measuring the ingredients to having too hot fire can be the cause of failed pancake.

  1. Failure of Measuring – If you don’t measure the pancake ingredients according to the recipe, the result will be too clear or too dense. The exact measure of the dough will make the dough had perfect density.
  2. The Whisk is Too Small – Using different size of whisk will make the perfect failed. Use big sized whisk to stir all of the ingredients until all the dry ingredients perfectly blend. Big sized whisk also enable more air seep into the dough that will make pancake more soft and smooth.
  3. The Pan is not Heated – It is better to heat the pan before using it to cook a pancake. It is important to make pancake perfectly fried and not burnt. Do it two until three minutes before spreading butter or oil into the pan.
  4. The False Amount of the Dough – If you want the pancake is a little bit thick and perfectly round, you must perfectly pour the dough into the pan. One ladle is a perfect measure to make a pancake.
  5. Too Much Flip – It is wise to flip the pancake only once. Wait until the dough becoming bubbled, than flip. Too much flip will make pancake becoming hard.

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