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Want to prolong your diet? Do these simple tricks

Detik Food – Applying healthy diet not only affect weight loss, buat also healthy body. If you want to prolong your diet, start with simple steps and start slowly. You don’t need to do a complicated diet that will make your body suffer. Start your diet with these simple tricks:

  1. Make it Simple – Instead of worrying about caloric count or portion of food, thinks about color, variation, and freshness of the ingredients. This way will make you easier choosing a healthy life. Focus on looking for food you loved and easy recipes  that covering fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Start slowly – Immediately applying your healthy diet overnight and hoping for benefits are not effective. Changing your diet drastically can trigger overeating and increasing body weight. Do little steps like adding salad once a day or changing butter with olive oil when cooks.
  3. Every change will bring benefit – Don’t try to be perfect and cutting all foods that you think unhealthy. Long term goal of diets are making your body fit, energizing your life, and decreasing risk of cancer and the other degenerative disease.
  4. Drink more water – Waters will flush toxic substances from our body. But, nowadays many peoples is dehydrated that will trigger fatigue, lack of energy, and dizziness. Drink water before eat also control your calories intake because it can make your body differs thirst and hunger.
  5. Exercise – Find physical activity that you can add to your everyday works. Morning run or using stairs at work. Small exercise at long term will benefits your body and motivate you to eat healthy food.

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